who am I?

from humble beginnings 

my purpose in life is about bringing communities together, bridging gaps and growing awareness for autistic and disabled artists and Christian ministry leaders. Read on to discover my plan...


From early on in life, I knew that God was leading me to do great things, and so where he lead I followed, and I stumbled upon the inspiring and driving force of my “Musical Mother” Carole King and her influential album Tapestry. The album gave me a source of comfort and support, during the experiences when in a domestically abusive relationship with, who was supposed to be my biological father, but he chose to disown me because I was a complicated birth, through Cerebral Palsy.

That’s where my grandparents stepped in, my grandfather used to be a traditional Celtic accordionist and musician, where I believe, where I inherited my musical talent and gift.

years later, my biological mom had enough of the domestic abuse and we moved south of the border to Dorset, where I was allowed to be who I am, I got qualified in Music & Performing Arts, and diagnosed with severe high-functioning Autism.

though the road to equality has not been easy, God has been ever near, and I still have the same fiery drive and enthusiasm as when I first realised my purpose, ahead of time God shown me that there would be world leaders and those in society who would marginalise and exclude us for being “different“, but sure enough, He has lead and brought people and organisations in my path, who could potentially support me in Delivering the vision and ideas God wants to see, in the world He created.

Through combining all the talents I have been blessed with, my aim for this ministry and business, is to combine Music, Acting, Writing, Activism, Advocacy and Live Performance, to create equal platforms for all Autistic & Disabled artist, respective of their talents and ministry purposes, to be equal with non-autistic and disabled leaders and artists, creating visibility and a growing awareness on the world stage. 

my music

from coming from a history of performing in musicals and actor training, I realised my true calling was in writing, composing and arranging music particularly in the country style; paying homage to my grandfather’s legacy, and taking influence from “Mama Carole”, as well as establishing papa’s dream of a commercial recording career, taken from Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr and Loretta Lynn,  it was time that Disabled Artists had to gain an equal platform on the commercial forefront without discrimination or prejudice.

Venues I have covered have spanned across the US and UK. Namely counting the Radio City Music Hall,  the infamous Cavern Club and Jacaranda, Liverpool, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Hub Theatre, Southampton, and countless festivals from Glasgow to London


from Shakespeare to Eve Ensler, I have covered projects, performing notably in productions of Shakespeare’s “Scottish Play”, playing Witch One (which one? pardon the pun!) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd as Mrs Lovett, which was my favourite role! Then a few years later, I was delighted to return to being a supporting actor in an ensemble production of Eve Enslar’s The Vagina Monologues, on V Day, marking International Woman’s Day.


I believe that from being  devoted to my Messianic Jewish faith, Adonai has placed me on Earth to bear witness and to deliver His message to Christians as well as other fellow believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), that although being blessed with a beautiful different brain and disabilities, He has planted a message to share to the world, that anyone who is neurodiverse and have different abilities, CAN deliver His ministry without being ignored, excluded and hated, for being created different! through the influence of Joni Eareckson-Tada and David Ring; a fellow missionary with cerebral palsy, God has planted in me the plan to expand what David started and for disabled ministries to grow, also advocate for support to gaining platforms at many well-known and leading churches and their conferences.

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